What is Oil Investment Fund?

This website is run by Clarke Energy Fund Management LLC, also known as CEFM.  The purpose of this site is to provide information about the exclusive niche oil investment opportunity within both the oil and gas sectors for investors who are accredited, Institutional Investors, Venture Capitalists and anyone who is qualified to invest.

The partnerships that CEFM operate within are very much like that of a mutual fund. The partnerships are set up by gathering together direct-income working interests that are across various ranges of crude oil and natural gas development alternatives that are found across the USA. Each one of the projects that is set up is properly and rigorously chosen by the Managing General Partner after carrying out a detailed and in-depth geophysical evaluation and cost-benefit analysis.

 Why You Should Consider Investing In Oiloil investment

Oil is one of the main commodities traded on financial markets. There is a strong demand for this resource everywhere around the globe since it is used in many industries and is necessary for transporting goods. You should consider investing in oil if you do not already have any exposure to this commodity.

There are a few things you need to be aware of before investing. Even though there is a strong demand for this resource, this doesn’t mean that prices will not fluctuate. There are risks involved, just like with any other investments. Oil can be a volatile investment because the value of this commodity is impacted by political events and other factors that are difficult to predict in the countries that produce it.

It is still a good investment because of the strong demand for this resource. Even if the value of the oil barrel will fluctuate, this commodity will never fully lose its value. It is important to assess your risks before you invest and to balance your portfolio with other types of investments to avoid a severe loss in case your investment in oil does not work out.

Oil investment is interesting because there are many different ways to gain exposure to this commodity. The risks and potential for profit vary in function of how you gain exposure to oil. In fact, you can build a diverse portfolio of financial product that is connected to this commodity.
You can for instance invest in mutual funds that give you exposure to an oil index. You can invest in oil futures and diversify your portfolio by investing in futures that will give you exposure to other sources of energy.

You can also buy shares of companies that are involved in the extraction, refining, and distribution of oil. You can, of course, purchase shares in the main oil companies and invest in smaller business ventures that are looking for new oil reserves if you do not mind taking risks.

You should consider investing in oil because this is one of the most important resources. The demand for oil will always remain strong even though the value of this commodity is influenced by several factors that can be difficult to predict. There are different ways to gain exposure to this commodity, which means you can find a way to invest in oil that corresponds to your risk tolerance.
You should consider investing in oil and look into adding other investments to your portfolio to keep following your investment strategy. If you choose to invest in financial products that give you exposure to oil but that would be considered as risky investment, compensate by adding a number of safe investments to your portfolio. You should meet with a financial adviser and talk about adding oil to your portfolio if you are not sure which financial products would be right for you or if you need help with assessing your risks before investing your money in this resource.


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